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Cuyahoga County Office of Reentry

Courthouse Square
310 West Lakeside Ave, Suite 550
Cleveland, OH  44113

Luis Vazquez, Program Director
(216) 698-3437
(216) 698-2964 fax


The goal of the Office of Reentry is to assist policymakers, community leaders and service providers to identify the reentry challenges facing Greater Cleveland and work to target resources toward sound, comprehensive and cost effective solutions. We strive to provide the focused leadership and strong organizational capacity needed to address prisoner reentry Cuyahoga County.

The Office of Reentry also oversees implementation of initiatives included in but not limited to the Greater Cleveland Reentry Strategy, provide direction around reentry policy, advocacy, education, training, funding, data collection, research, and service coordination; and contract for reentry services.

Overarching Goal: To increase public safety and eliminate the confusion caused by the lack of coordination between over 30 government, community and faith based organizations presently providing some form of reentry services to the reentry population there by preparing individuals for successful reentry. This is accomplished by establishing a common message and process of engagement on behalf of community/faith based organizations.

The Office of Reentry also focuses on policy and system reform because some of these issues are long term and extremely complex it will require the effort and collaboration of an entire community to realize tangible outcomes. 


Some of the benefits of an Office on Reentry include:
  • Effective utilization of federal, state, and local financial resources;
  • Collaboration amongst stakeholders;
  • Coordination of services;
  • Accessibility of services;
  • Established community reentry goals and objectives;
  • Mechanism for data collection and evaluation;
  • Strong emphasis on Public Safety in our community.

Key Data on Reentry

Profile of individuals returning to Cuyahoga County from Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction: 
  • Approximately 5,000 to 7,000 individuals return to Cuyahoga County from Ohio's prisons;
  • Average cost to the state to incarcerate a person for a year $24,728.75;
  • 71% are African American;
  • 83% are male;
  • 11.7% are female;
  • 72.7% were single prior to incarceration;
  • 50.7% did not have a high school diploma;
  • 25.6% had no housing prior to incarceration;
  • 48.9% were unemployed prior to incarceration;
  • 22.3% were being treated for mental illness prior to incarceration;
  • Current state prison population 51,219;
  • Average stay for an offender in Ohio's prison system 2.20 years;
  • Average age for an offender is 34.1 years;
  • ODRC Budget for FY 2008 is $1,758,732,007
  • ODRC Budget for FY 2009 is $1,814,942,951
  • 70% of all recidivism occurs in the first year of release

Greater Cleveland Reentry - Leadership Coalition

The Greater Cleveland Reentry Leadership Coalition was established to provide structured leadership to the Greater Cleveland Reentry Strategy. Membership would be reflective of all stakeholders including, but not limited to:
  • President of the Board of County Commissioners or designee
  • Mayor of the City of Cleveland or designee
  • President of the City of Cleveland Council or designee
  • Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction or designee
  • Consumers
  • Service providers
  • Presiding Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, General Division or designee
  • Attorneys (i.e. Public Defender, County Prosecutor, private Defense Attorney)
  • Faith-based leaders
  • Victims Advocate
  • Formerly incarcerated persons
  • Academia
  • Business leaders
  • Foundations
  • Media
  • General community